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Fleck Water Softener Parts

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Wondering what a water softener is and whether you need it?

Hard water has a lot of unpleasant properties that make water softeners a necessity in many homes. A water softener is a device that decreases the concentration of ions in the water,  such as calcium and magnesium. It also adds sodium ions which make it softer.

However, one important thing to note is that it doesn’t disinfect the water, which could be a common misconception.

There are many models and types of water softeners, but we’ll focus on Fleck Water Softeners and parts that you might need to change.

Why Fleck?

Fleck water softener is a US-based product. It provides many spare parts in case something goes wrong with your system. If you visit their website, you’ll find separate sections for the parts. That makes it very efficient and budget-friendly when maintaining your system.

How Does Hard Water Softener Work?

Hard water means that the water has a lot of minerals and ions dissolved in it. This could be not very pleasant when washing dishes, laundry or even showering.

However, the real threat is with your plumbing system as hard water leaves traces of minerals that build up over time on your pipes.

With that being said, the water softeners are essentially tanks filled with negatively charged resin beads. As hard water passes, the positively charged ions are attracted to the beads letting soft, ion-free water pass on.

Which Parts Need to be Changed?

Sometimes, systems could fail or some parts would stop working. Here are some examples of the parts that may need replacing from time to time, if you have a Fleck water softener.

Fleck 5600 Timer Motor

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Like any other motor in the world, the Fleck 5600 timer motor could wear out eventually and stop turning as it is shaped like a gear. When it does stop, the unit can no longer backwash and clean itself properly, resulting in low quality of water. No assistance in setting it up is needed, only you and a reference youtube video online.

Fleck 5600Sxt Replacement Head

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This part is compatible with almost all of Fleck’s models. It’s more efficient and provides much more ease for the users than mechanical heads with its screen.

There’s no hassle with this easy to use interface. This also allows for complete control over the system and being able to make the most out of it by a simple touch of a button.

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Fleck 5600 Softener Valve Rebuild Kit

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From the name you could tell this kit includes different parts that’ll help you repair your valves. This includes spacers, seals, a piston and a Brine valve.

This kit is DIY friendly, so you could just repair it yourself with the help of videos instead of buying a whole new system.


Repairing spare parts usually takes a lot of time and money. With Fleck’s water softener systems, it’s easier to repair and replace parts than you’d expect. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of having customer support check your system.

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