Fleck 5600 SXT Review

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Through the years, water softeners have become known for saving time and money, as well as avoiding the discomfort and heartache caused by hard water in your home. So, we’re reviewing two popular Fleck water softener systems for you to choose from and also giving you some facts about hard water to help you decide if your home needs a water softener.

Fleck 5600 SXT

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Our first water softener review covers the Fleck 5600 SXT unit brought to you by Durawater, which is called the Econominder Mechanical Meter Water Softener (48000 Grain). It offers the following features:

  • It’s a metered water softener;
  • It provides a major difference in water quality;
  • It only back-washes as needed;
  • It saves you money on salt and water;
  • It has a five-year warranty on the valve and ten-year warranty on the tanks;
  • The black Made in USA mineral tank is shipped loaded, allowing for easier installation;
  • It comes complete with YouTube video links to see how to do everything;
  • Simple installation;
  • The maintenance kit is considerably cheaper than other brands and units.

Removes Hard Water

The Fleck 5600 SXT is a complete water softener system that comes complete with a 10 by 54-inch high-capacity resin tank. It’s made of fiberglass in the USA and the tank is a brine tank with a one inch Noryl Plastic safety float.

The high-efficiency mechanical control valve eliminates hard water that is the cause of scale buildup as well as a reduction in the efficiency of any type of soap that you use. The high-capacity extra-long-life resin is used in all Fleck water softening systems and ensures less water pressure drops through the system, as well as being more efficient and longer lasting.

The Fleck 5600 SXT removes the hard water via the use of an ion exchange process this system by removing both the calcium and magnesium that are responsible for causing hard water. And, when you eliminate the hard water, you are extending the life of both your appliances and your plumbing.

Meter-Based Process

This water softener system utilizes a meter-based regeneration process where the water used is measured. In addition, the system will only regenerate when it’s necessary. In the event that you have an increase in your water needs, the system will simply regenerate more often so that it can  keep up.

And, the fact is that the Fleck 5600 Metered Control happens to be the most durable and reliable Fleck controller that’s built on 5600 valve, which is tried and true.

These valves offer an outstanding five-year warranty and, in addition, they’ve been tested for running continuously for 27 years.  The tank is extremely durable, so it comes with a whopping ten-year warranty.

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The square brine tank that comes standard with this system measures 14-inches by 14-inches by 34-inches and is capable of holding approximately 250-pounds of salt.

A safety float is included for preventing overfilling plus the overflow drain can also act as an additional backup for avoiding any water messes. Best of all, the installation process for the Fleck 5600 SXT only requires around one to two hours if you possess a few basic plumbing skills.

Mechanical Metered Design

This system is both mechanical and metered, which means that it’s super efficient for regenerating your water usage while also being fully adjustable in its programming the same as digital versions.

One other excellent benefit of its mechanical design is the fact that there isn’t any digital display that could conceivably go bad, which means that it’s much more durable as well as more reliable.

Made in Wisconsin

The Fleck 5600’s Pentair Structural tanks and metered control valve are manufactured right here in the United States. In fact, they’re actually made in the state of Wisconsin.

Fleck 5600SXT Digital

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Our second review is for the 64,000 Grain Water Softener Whole House System by Fleck, which is digital SXT metered, which features:

    • It’s a Fleck 5600 SXT on-demand system that’s digitally metered;
    • It offers a 64,000-grain 2.0 cubic feet of high-capacity resin that’s pre-loaded in the tank.
    • It offers black Pentair brine and mineral tanks that are made in the USA;
    • It has an ultra-efficient digital on-demand water softener valve that save on both salt and water;
    • It offers a one-inch noryl threaded plastic bypass that is fully compatible with standard flex lines and plumbing;
    •  It ships pre-loaded with resin in the brine tank for simpler installation.
    • The built-in capacitor will keep all info in memory up to 48 hours so programming won’t get lost due to a power failure.
    • It’s easy to install.
    • It comes complete with fast friendly customer support during both programming and installation.
    • It comes complete with AFWFilters instructions, lubricant, and sanitizer as well as a hardness test strip for correctly setting the unit.
    • It works great on large homes, whether on well water or city water.

Solid-State Microprocessor

One of the best features of the Fleck 5600SXT Digital is that you don’t have to ever worry about losing its programming if there’s a power outage. The solid-state microprocessor has an LED display that shows not only the time of day but also the unit’s remaining capacity and whether the regeneration cycle is in process.

You can also choose from three operational modes, which include delayed meter regeneration, immediate meter regeneration, and delayed time clock regeneration. It also shows the unit’s status of both the NOVRAM valve and the memory backup. The metered on-demand controller utilizes microprocessor control monitors for measuring and remembering your actual conditioned water usage daily.

 Ultra-Efficient System

The Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Water Softener regenerates automatically (only when necessary), based on your needs. Easy programming ensures that this system will always operate at maximum efficiency, thereby saving money on water and salt.

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This ultra-efficient digital water softener has an American-made tank and is one of the most efficient water softeners available on the market today with on-demand metered water, 64, 000-grain capacity, a 2. 0 cubic feet high-capacity 12 by 48 cubic feet of resin capacity in the resin tank. In addition, the standard brine tank offers a special safety float and the complete system measures 30-inches by 17-inches by 56 inches.

All in all, this on-demand digital water softener meters the water that you and your family use and then regenerates when needed. It’s highly affordable, extremely efficient, and easy to install.

Expertly & Efficiently Removes Hard Water

The Fleck 5600SXT Digital Water Softener is a complete water softener system that comes complete with a tank made of fiberglass in the USA and the tank is a brine tank with a one inch Noryl Plastic safety float.

The high-efficiency digital control valve helps the water softener system to eliminate hard water that is the cause of scale buildup while also providing a reduction in the efficiency of all kinds of soap that you might be using for everything from dishes to body and hair-washing.

The high-capacity extra-long-life resin that is used in Fleck water softening systems ensures considerably less water pressure drops throughout the entire system, as well as being much more efficient and longer lasting.

The Fleck 5600SXT Digital Water Softener removes the maximum amount of hard water via the use of an ion exchange process and by removing both the calcium and magnesium that are responsible for causing hard water. And, when you are successful of eliminating the hard water, you are extending the life of both your appliances and your plumbing.

Made in Wisconsin

The Fleck SXT Digital Metered Water Softener ‘s Pentair Structural tanks and digital control valve are manufactured right here in the United States. In fact, they’re actually made in the state of Wisconsin.

Fleck Replacement Parts

When its time to replace components, Fleck water softener parts are readily available.

Why Water Softeners Are Necessary

It’s a fact that water softeners were once quite commonplace in homes nationwide. Although they might not seem to be used quite as often as they once were, they are none-the-less exceptionally important in any home that has hard water.

Some towns in a number of states in the U.S. are actually notorious for having extremely hard water.  And, some rural U.S. homes have really bad well water that really requires a good water softener, and in many cases, a whole-home filtration system. To test your water, you can use a water hardness test kit which will tell you what degree of hardness you’re dealing with.

There are numerous benefits to having a water softener and the majority of people don’t even consider them until they’re faced with really difficult hard water problems. On top of that, hard water issues can become a very expensive problem in the very near future.

So, we’re breaking all of that down for you to make it just a little bit easier to understand why could be in need of a water softener for your home.

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Soft Water vs. Hard Water

There really is a lot more in the water in your home than just H2O. Water qualities differ and are dependent upon where you are located as well as whether you get your water from a private well or a municipality.

Both of those sources have long been known for containing hardness minerals and its those minerals in water that makes some water be known as “hard.”

Magnesium and calcium are the two most common minerals that are found in most water. Typically, those minerals get there when groundwater dissolves rock formations such as like limestone. It is also caused by metals, such as iron as well as their remnants travelling with that water on its way to your home.

The dissolved solids can then end up causing scaly buildup on everything it touches from plumbing to dishes as well as to your appliances and even your own body and those of your family. In fact, household soap scum and plumbing that is corroded and clogged are usually caused most often by hard water.

Water softeners are successful at removing all of those hard minerals in order to make it much easier to clean everything your home, while also being able to prolong the life of your appliances that utilize water.

What Hard Water Can Do to You & Your Family

Hard water is well-known for causing itchy dry skin. It’s a fact that when you’re taking a shower, if you can’t get some nice foamy suds going, whether it’s with soap or shampoo, then ugly hard water is the reason why.

If that’s not enough, when you think about how quickly all of your clothing is wearing out when you wash it in hard water should alert you. When one favorite outfit after another disappears into the abyss caused by hard water, it can get rather costly.

How Hard Water Costs You Money

Have you started noticing that, on top of clothes breaking down after being washed, your appliances that require water are needing repairs more frequently? They definitely do but really don’t have to.

It’s true that a small investment in a water softener could have been saving you a pretty penny all along and unfortunately there’s more. Perhaps you’ve also been noticing how quickly you and your family are going through cleaning supplies, dish detergent, shampoo, and body wash. That’s because it really requires a lot for getting everything clean using hard water.

What Else Hard Water Can Do

It can help you to become good friends with your plumber and his huge plumbing bills. Hard water leaves a nasty residue on pipes and plumbing fixtures, which means you have to replace them (or having your plumber do it) more frequently.

Hard water is very unpleasant and you shouldn’t have to deal with it if you don’t absolutely have to. Just think, no more itchy skin, no more expensive repairs, and an end to purchasing new clothes every month unless you want to.

As much as you like your plumber, having to see him every few months gets quite expensive.Let’s face it, hard water is nothing but trouble, however, the problem can be solved easily with a reliable state-of-the-art water softener. We certainly hope that our reviews and additional hard water info help you to make an informed decision.

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